You Are Not Alone


When you come to the Garden in the cool evening mist,

You feel so alone, don’t think you’ll be missed.

The world has withdrawn it’s love and concern,

You’ve no one to listen, nowhere you can turn.


Your heart has been torn, your nerves have been twisted.

Your arms are empty, emotions now blistered.

“Does no one hear? Does nobody care?

The pain I am in, the load that I bear?”


You sink to the ground, no strength have you left.

Totally alone in this world, completely bereft.

Your tears fall like rain in the evening still

You sob out the pain, ’til nothing you feel.


You sit so silent, shoulders slumped ‘neath the weight.

The weight of aloneness you think won’t abate.

You accept the fact that you are lonely by call

That you will never be loved by any at all.


Then, you hear the voice coming out of the mist,

“Oh, my sweet child, don’t you know you are missed?

You walked away of your own free will

And left me alone with a void I can’t fill.


I chose you, I called you, I loved you so much,

But you withdrew from my hand, away from my touch.

You hid in the world, faded into the crowd,

I whispered your name and called it aloud.


I’ve longed for our talks and long evening chats,

But you got too busy to worry about that.

I drew you here tonight to remind you of me

Will you stay now with me? Or in a moment flee?”


I realized then that folks come and go,

Friends, family, even those we love so.

But my Heavenly Father had followed me

Even though at the time, I could not see.


He was there when my dearest flew home to Him.

He was there when I turned to the bottle of gin.

He was there every time I gave into sin.

He was there after I turned my back on Him.


He was there when my best friend walked out on me

He was there when I thought there was no one for me.

He had waited in the shadows and whispered my name

And He was there in the moment of my greatest pain.


I stood and I turned to my Father’s waiting arms,

I cried repentant tears that bonded our hearts.

I lingered there in His presence so sweet,

And knew beyond doubt, I would never retreat.


I’ve stayed in the Garden, though gone on with life.

Here I find peace from the world’s daily strife.

Where ever I go, be it valley or hill,

“You are not alone,” He whispers still.



About Karla Unger

Karla is married to the love of her life. Within six months of meeting her love they were married and have been blissfully wed for over 42 years. Everything she learned about love and romance she learned from her husband. She enjoys spending time with her family which includes 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Karla discovered her love for writing at an early age and began by writing poetry. She now enjoys writing novels and blogging in hopes that her words will touch others and let them know they are not alone in their life experiences. She depends on God and her faith to keep her going through the struggles of life which connect all of us to our own humanity. With God ~ possibilities abound!
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